Chuck Leaver – Bank Attacks Prove The need For Layered Security Protection

Chuck Leaver CEO Ziften composes

There have actually been a number of cyber attacks on ATMs which have permitted criminals to steal millions of dollars. In order to combat this danger, monetary companies need to comprehend the various elements of cyber security and the factors behind their utilization. Financial data will always be highly preferable to cyber crooks as the majority of wish to generate income quickly which implies that consumer monetary records and ATMs are both at risk. To implement the ideal security procedures, monetary companies have to understand the layers that they need to keep the bad guys away.

Unfortunately, unlike mythological monsters of legend, there isn’t really a single weapon in the security system arsenal that can protect a server from being hacked. There are no cure-all applications to stop hacking. The very best way to secure online servers of ATMs and banks, the monetary companies will have to utilize a number of different methods to keep their details protected. According to PC World, the hackers that infiltrated the ATMs did so using malware that was extremely challenging to find. Banks truly need to utilize endpoint security as cyber bad guys can attempt to penetrate systems by creating hacking tools that are a hazard to bank security through making use of computers that are utilized by bank tellers. This will provide plenty of alternatives to penetrate the network of ATMs.


A Human Eye Is Needed With Modern Security


The days have now gone where firewall programs and automated services sufficed to keep hackers at bay. Banks should be utilizing endpoint threat detection and response systems to keep out the cyber lawbreakers. There was a post on about US bank accounts being infiltrated by cyber lawbreakers from Russia and this shows the terrible impact that hackers can have on banks that are not correctly secured. Making use of security staff members 24/7 with products provided by security professionals is one way to make sure that a network is not compromised, however this is only one piece of the security puzzle that has to be applied.

There needs to be a modification in the company culture so that using strong passwords is adopted, a policy that values security presented that prevents individuals bringing USB drives, and other computer system equipment, to the workplace without permission are actually essential. This and other policies that will prevent malicious elements from penetrating a server are all important. A malware attack can be avoided earlier with making use of endpoint security. Using more powerful locks so that the crooks could not break through and install the destructive software would likewise have actually helped.

Using different security layers to prevent cyber lawbreakers accessing networks an organization will buy time for human beings to identify and stop the threats prior to any damage is caused. A passive security system that responds far too late is not adequate to provide the high levels of security that organizations have to keep their data safe.




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